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Red Tail Restoration & Land Management specializes in

  • Removing invasive plants to support natural biodiversity
  • Native replanting of natural areas and habitat landscaping around homes
  • Constructing deer-exclusion fences
  • Enhancing water quality through storm water runoff improvements
  • Creating and maintaining trails
  • Connecting with other agencies to further initiatives

Why Choose Red Tail Restoration & Land Management

  • We help you make great improvements to the environment
  • We work with you to create and achieve wide-ranging goals
  • We build community pride and stewardship of natural areas
  • We are your advisor, your laborer, and your environmental advocate all in one
  • Our methods work and we have photos to prove it!

Red Tail Restoration & Land Management is ideal for

  • Homeowners
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Communities
  • Townships
  • Public Lands