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Red Tail in the News


Farm to Faucet

One of our recent tree planting projects grabbed a lot of attention on the local news. WHYY came out and did a story on protecting water quality in our watershed.

Check out the link:


Protecting Our Local Parks

Working in cooperation with Ambler Borough, we have been able to help protect diversity and wildlife in their local parks.

Check out this article about our work in Ambler:


Promoting Sustainability in Home Owners Associations

The owner of our company, Greg Gagliano was recently interviewed on NPR's You Bet Your Garden radio program to discuss how we help to promote sustainability and conserve land in HOAs.

 Listen to the program through this link:

About Red Tail


We specialize in...

  • Invasive Plant Removal
  • Native Replanting
  • Landscape Design, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Storm Water Runoff Improvements
  • Pond Management
  • Deer Exclusion Fence Installation
  • Rock Wall Construction
  • Vegetation and Wildlife Surveys


Why choose Red Tail..

  • We help you make great improvements to the environment
  • We work with you to create and achieve wide-ranging goals
  • We build community pride and stewardship of natural areas
  • We are your advisor, your laborer, and your environmental advocate all in one
  • Our methods work and we have photos to prove it!
  • We support, Homeowners, Homeowner Associations, Farms, Communities, Townships, and Public Lands.