Red Tail Restoration & Land Management, LLC
Red Tail Restoration & Land Management, LLC
  • About Us

    Helping you support a healthy environment

    Red Tail Restoration & Land Management, LLC was opened in 2010 to support a healthier ecosystem for natural lands in Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania, southwest New Jersey, and northeast Maryland. 

    Our Specialties

    We specialize in invasive plant removal to promote native diversity, We also help landowners to reduce deer impact, improve storm water management, manage ponds, install pollinator friendly landscapes, and  support healthier streams. 

    Our Goals

    Our approach is to take a comprehensive view of the land, people, and wildlife and work over time to produce long-lasting results. Success comes from understanding individual species, timing management techniques when most effective, seeking support from outside agencies, and often working with community members to achieve wide-ranging goals. 

    Our Crew

    Greg Gagliano


    Greg has worked in the field of ecology for over 15 years.  With a degree in wildlife conservation from the University of Delaware, he has worked across the mid-Atlantic region with invasive species, aquatic ecosystems, endangered shorebirds, wildlife diseases, wildlife population surveys, deer management, wetland and salt marsh quality assessment, youth environmental education, community outreach, and land management.  Greg is currently a board member of the Delaware Invasive Species Council, and member of the DNS Land and Biodiversity Management Committee.

    Michael Terbush

    (Forest Restoration Crew Leader)

    Michael Has been with Red Tail for more than two years and has a BS in Plant Biology from Ohio University. Michael has spent over five years studying and managing invasive plant species. Michael brings a combination of teaching experience, research and field work to his job. Using these skills, Michael seeks to make improvements to the environment and educate the public on environmental conservation.

    Jeff Cooney

    (Forest Restoration Technician)

    Jeff has been with Red Tail for more than a year. He has a Masters Degree in Environmental Science from Drexel University. With 6 years of experience as both a professional and a volunteer in habitat management and restoration, Jeff uses his skills and experience to work in the field improving habitat for wildlife and teaching others about plant identification and land management.

    Kaitlyn Ciccone

    (Forest Restoration Technician)

    Kaitlyn is new to Red Tail this spring. She has a degree in Environmental Geology from West Chester University and a strong interest in the environment.

    John Antonucci

    ( Forest Restoration Technician)

    John has been with Red Tail for about a year. He is a graduate of West Chester University with a BS in Geology. John is passionate about conservation and brings a unique geological perspective to restoration. 

    Kelly Ford

    (Forest Restoration Technician)

    Kelly has been working with Red Tail for about a year . She is currently finishing up her Bachelors Degree from St. Joseph's University in Environmental Sciences. She also brings years of horticultural and botanical experience to our crew.