Forest Management


Our company began with a focus on forest restoration and it is still our passion. We use ecological principals to guide our management and focus on supporting a healthy native ecosystem.

Invasive Plant Management


Red Tail specializes in the removal of invasive plants. We carefully work to maintain native plant species and avoid the disturbance of wildlife habitat while we work. We do not just remove plants, but manage what returns to the site and carefully work to maintain a healthy community.

Habitat Landscaping


When Red Tail installs a landscape, we focus on curating a garden that provides pollinators with food, and habitat for wildlife. We accomplish this by using a wide range of native plants that work together to provide food and shelter for local wildlife.

Meadow Creation & Management


Whether you want to add to the diversity of an existing meadow, or convert your lawn into a more natural system, Red Tail can help you plan build and maintain native meadows. 

Aquatic Management


Red Tail uses integrated pest management strategies to manage aquatic systems. We take a broad ecological approach to pond and stream management focused on limiting pesticide use.  Riparian zones around ponds and other waterways play an important role in water quality and erosion control. 

Water Runoff Improvements


High levels of storm-water runoff can lead to soil erosion and other property damage. Red Tail works with property owners to manage and reduce the damage done by storm-water runoff.

Deer Exclusion


The high density of White Tail Deer in our part of the country means that it is sometimes necessary to create physical barriers to exclude deer while native plants have time to recover. These temporary deer fences limit herbivory in newly planted and recovering areas.

Rock Wall Construction


Whether you are looking for an aesthetic edge to a garden or want a retainer wall to help control erosion, Red Tail can help you achieve your goals.

Trail Development & Maintenance


Getting the community involved in the environment starts with getting the into wild areas. Building and maintaining trails helps you access the nature you love.

Collaboration With Partner Organizations


Red Tail works with many other environmental organizations and partner agencies to enhance our impact on conservation projects.  When you hire Red Tail Restoration, you are also connected to a broader network environmental professionals.

Plant & Wildlife Surveys


Red Tail uses plant and wildlife surveys to measure the progress of our work and better understand the diversity of various sites. We use well established repeatable scientific methods to understand the communities we work in. 

Ecological Consulting


The goal of Red Tail Restoration and Land Management is to help you support a healthy environment. We have over 20 years of experience in wildlife and habitat management. Let us share our knowledge with you!